100 Years Up High: Colorado Mountains & Mountaineers

100 Years Up High: Colorado Mountains & Mountaineers

By author: The Colorado Mountain Club
160 Pages, 978-0-9842213-9-4
Colorado Mountain Club 09/21/2011
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* A full-color celebration of Colorado climbing history
* Fascinating essays by expert authors, many of whom are climbers
* A beautiful mix of 150 contemporary and historical Colorado mountaineering photographs

100 Years Up High celebrates the 20th century in the Colorado mountains by focusing on the significant mountaineers, events, and developments that made climbing, hiking, and skiing the High Country a great outdoor adventure for hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts drawn from Colorado and beyond.

Colorado mountaineering has seen dramatic changes in the 20th century. Building on earlier developments, hiking and climbing began as a homemade sport. Heading for the summit, climbers traveled on trains or horses. Men wore coats and ties and women full skirts. Later in the century, as mountaineering expanded, entrepreneurs created special equipment, clothing, and food for the outdoors, and the car became the key form of transport to the trailhead.

Coloradans not only hiked and climbed but also pushed to create national parks and national forests in their own state -- a movement highlighted by the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915. Throughout the century, Coloradans continued to press for the creation of national monuments and wilderness areas to preserve and protect key features of the environment for generations to come.

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