2014 American Alpine Journal

2014 American Alpine Journal

By author: American Alpine Club
400 Pages, 978-1-933056-83-8
American Alpine Club 08/13/2014
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* In-depth “Recon” section on the Mt. Whitney area of California, covering the history, recent climbing activity, and new-route potential
* Feature articles by the world’s leading climbers and mountain writers, including Ueli Steck, Jonathan Siegrist, Doug Robinson, and many others

This year, The American Alpine Journal expanded its coverage of rock climbing and new routes in the United States—more stories about climbs close to home!

The American Alpine Club is the leading organization representing climbers in the United States. The AAJ helps fulfill one of the club's core values: "Authoritative climbing information, knowledge and resources benefit and inspire us and future generations." Veteran climbing journalist Dougald MacDonald is editor in chief of The American Alpine Journal.

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