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The Mountaineers established Mountaineers Books in 1960 to express and share their love of nature and outdoor recreation.

Our very first book – Mountaineering: the Freedom of the Hills – remains a classic. It is heading into its 9th edition, and has been translated into more than 20 languages worldwide. Countless aspiring climbers have – literally – learned the ropes from us.

From Freedom and teaching people how to climb, we branched out to guidebooks that showed people where to use their new skills. We started with the wild Cascade Mountains in our backyard and eventually reached the peaks of the Andes, climbing crags in Thailand, and many, many beautiful places in between.

Today, Mountaineers Books publishes great “how-to” and “where-to” books, and a wide range of award-winning adventure narratives, sustainable lifestyle guides, and conservation photography books.

We are and have always been a non-profit organization and every one of our nearly 700 titles in print is designed to inspire a lifelong love for the great outdoors.

Our publishing mission: "Leading readers to the lessons and pleasures of the great outdoors."

Legends and LoreRead on to learn more about our Skipstone guides to sustainable living, our Braided River conservation photography books, our Legends and Lore series, and our Mountaineers Outdoor Experts series



Skipstone readers live smart, play well, and engage in the communities around them.

Skipstone titles promote a deeper connection to our natural world through sustainable practices and backyard activism. Skipstone books inspire us to effect change without losing our sense of humor, to celebrate the freedom and generosity of a life outdoors, and to pitch in where we can on the maintenance of our planet, and our own neighborhoods.

Looking to have more unstructured fun outdoors, start an organic garden, or make your own kitchen more sustainable? You’ll find realistic and doable advice for building community and conserving resources in our Skipstone titles.

Live Life. Make Ripples.

Ramble through our Skipstone titles.

Cool Season Gardener Fresh Pantry Uncle Dave's Cow City Goats


Braided River

Our wild places need more advocates. More diverse, more vocal, more in total.

Braided River brings photography and literature together to change perspectives and inspire more people to take personal actions that will help protect North America’s last remaining wild places.

Braided River’s first book, Seasons of Life and Land in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was critical in efforts to protect the Arctic’s most fragile places from oil and gas development. Since then, we have featured sensitive places from the Arctic down to Baja California and east to Rocky Mountains. Conservation organizations across the country have used Braided River’s communication tools to help influence policies that will protect these precious wild places for many years to come.

Braided River, as an affiliated 501(c)3 organization, also goes “beyond the book” with media campaigns, multimedia presentations, and museum exhibits, all designed to engage audiences outside the traditional environmental core.

Discover Braided River

Learn more about our current campaigns

to protect wild places at
On Arctic Ground To The Arctic Salmon in the Trees Planet Ice

Legends and Lore

Mountaineering history, compelling biographies, and high-altitude adventures. You’ll find all this and more in our Legends and Lore series.

This thoughtfully curated series features people who have contributed significantly to the world of mountaineering, while also bringing to light lesser-known individuals who deserve more notice—a "legend" in his or her own right, compelling "lore" in the making.

We publish these titles, in both print and digital formats, to ensure that mountaineering knowledge and literature will continue to be widely available to readers everywhere.

Explore our Legends and Lore series

Life on the Edge Reinhold Messner Roskelley Collection Everest 1953

Rock Climbing

Whether you are pursuing a new outdoor activity, or aiming to take your skills to the next level, our Mountaineers Books Outdoor Expert Series can guide you on your next journey in confidence and safety.

Explore our MOES series

Backcountry Skiing Boudlering Gym Climbing to Crag Sea Kayaking





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