Helen Cherullo, Publisher
Phone: x.122
Email Helen

Joined Staff: 1992
Helen manages and provides support to all areas of the company, working to achieve a balance between serving the Mountaineers Books' inspiring mission and keeping the business running in a sustainable manner. Integrating our work with the Mountaineers' educational and programming goals and supporting the overall goals of the Mountaineers is core to our enterprise. Mostly, Helen attends a lot of meetings!

Background: BA in Journalism, with a major in Fine Arts. Previous professional experience includes graphic design and advertising production, and being sole proprietor of a graphic design and printing management company. Helen's passion is in the nonprofit sector. She believes that supporting the health and wellbeing of society and future generations is paramount.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, canoeing, photography, gardening.

Other: Helen also serve as executive director of Braided River, an organization affiliated with Mountaineers Books that focuses on providing philanthropic support to environmental education and grassroots support, through publishing books, media outreach, public events, traveling museum exhibits, supporting photographer's fieldwork; and forming strategic partnerships. Through images and stories that showcase the beauty and awe of the natural world, Helen and Braided River work to preserve the last remaining wild places in western North America. See for more information.

Helen Cherullo, Publisher



Art Freeman, CFO
Phone: x.102
Email Art

Joined Staff: Originally 1982, again in 2008 after a nine year gap.
When not boring newer staff members with stories about the "good old days" when the "white-out" flowed, cell phones were really really big, and all books were made out of paper, Art manages the financial aspects of Mountaineers Books, with an eye toward long-term success and serving the outdoor community for at least another 50 years. (See below for where his other eye is focused.)

Background: When his classmates from the University of Washington MBA program were all going into banking, Art chose Mountaineers Books for the glamour and high pay. But he says "like Bogart, who went to Casablanca 'for the waters' I WAS MISINFORMED!" Overcoming this disappointment, Art claims he went on to greatly enjoy the creative aspects of the book industry and the good fortune to work for a company that is making a positive difference in the world.

Outdoor Activities: His other eye (the one not looking out for our financial welfare) is often on the weather forecast for the Washington Cascades. He is an active climb leader for the Mountaineers and recently completed climbing the 100 highest summits in Washington. He and his family are avid hikers, sailors, and skiers as well. Art's new goal is to ski as many days a year as he is years old, a challenge that "does get harder and harder, but really just requires showing up."


Gayle Grything, Accounting Manager and Human Resources
Phone: x.136
Email Gayle

Joined staff: July 24, 2002
Gayle facilitates best accounting practices for both Mountaineers Books and Braided River. She oversees payables and receivables, manages author royalties, human resources and supports payroll.

Background: Gayle came to Mountaineers Books in 2002 with several years of accounting experience in the outdoor industry and a BA from The Evergreen State College. Working at Mountaineers Books allows her to combine her lifelong love of the natural world and her desire to contribute to an organization that is a catalyst for environmental education, conservation and exploration.

Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, day hiking, bike commuting, running, foraging, traveling, birding, naturalist studies, sea kayaking, and appreciating the flora and fauna along the way.

Other: Gayle is a Northwest native and grew up in Seattle. Moss is in her blood. Her next big life goals are to do more long distance hikes, bike tours and to spot a wolverine in the wild.


Connie Saxon Urquhart, Accounting & Office Coordinator
Phone: x.101
Email Connie

Joined Staff: 1994 / 2008
Connie's duties include running the front office reception area, inputting accounts payable/receivable, helping in customer service when needed, and doing anything else asked of her.

Background: Connie started at the Mountaineers Books in February 1994 after completing a computer course at BCTI, where she learned she was really good with numbers and customer service. She started in Customer Service, then moved to accounts payable, then added accounts receivables to her job title. After leaving the company for one year in 2007, she returned in 2008 as receptionist and accounting clerk.

Outdoor Activities: Anything to do with Pacific Ocean beaches -- beachcombing, camping, and clam digging to name a few.

Other: Connie was born and raised in Seattle, spent a number of years in Southern California but could hardly wait to get back to the Northwest and the RAIN, a true Seattleite at heart. Miles from Nowhere is her favorite book of all time.



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Nathan Freeman, Distribution Center Supervisor
Phone: x.121

Joined Staff: April 1997
Nathan is in charge of our Distribution Center. He supervises a modest crew and is responsible for keeping the Distribution Center in top shape and running smoothly.

Background: Nathan came to the Mountaineers Books with five years experience in warehousing and forklift operation. Nathan has made many positive changes for Mountaineers Books, and hopes to continue helping the company in future endeavors.

Outdoor Activities: Biking, swimming, river tubing, hiking, camping, motorcycle riding, golfing, and Warrior Dash participant.

Other: Nathan was born in Seattle and grew up in the Colorado Rockies and Arizona. He learned how to ski, ice skate, and snowboard in Colorado, and had many great hiking adventures in the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona desert. "I really loved growing up in two such extreme climates. I have always loved being surrounded by nature, and living in these two places gave me a sense of purpose. I always felt I wanted to do more for our natural world, more than just cleaning up people's trash in the wild, but never knew how until I found the Mountaineers. I have learned so much from the organization, and I feel that in just doing my job, I am contributing to a greater cause that will lead to a brighter, cleaner future. I have been with the Mountaineers for many years, and I still really love what I do."

Nate 'Mud Splasher' Freeman

Sharief Rodriquez, Distribution Center Lead
Phone: x.121

Joined Staff: July 2009
Sharief picks, packs, and ships orders that come into the Mountaineers Books warehouse and keeps the distribution center afloat when Distribution Center Supervisor Nathan Freeman is unavailable.

Outdoor Activities: Sharief loves to take his son out on walks on small trails whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. He says he's also a huge outdoor sports guy, so if it can be done outside, chances are Sharief will be out there trying it.


Jordan Haggard

Joined Staff:  August 2017       

Background: Jordan hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma with a degree in Geography from Oklahoma State University. She took time after college to travel (mainly in New Zealand) and realized how much she enjoyed living close to the mountains and oceans. She moved to Seattle having never visited before, and never left. The great people, good beer and incredible scenery will keep her here for many moons to come.

Outdoor Activities: Any activity that is outside. Jordan enjoys camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, hiking, climbing, walking her dog, or just reading a good book in herhammock (or a somewhat quiet bar/coffee shop during the winter months).


Staff Photo Champion 2017

Naomi Strom, Customer Service Manager
Phone: x.137
Email Naomi

Joined Staff: April 2017

Background: After studying Recreation Management and biology, Naomi followed her passion for outdoor recreation around the country and world. After spending time living outside Yosemite National Park, she headed to South America and then just kept on going  to Seattle because she heard it was a pretty great place to play. In a more urban setting, she has been able to continue her work in outdoor recreation with companies like Patagonia and now Mountaineers Books. She’s excited to join Mountaineers Books so that she can combine her love of outdoor exploration with an organization that is dedicated to conservation, travel, and adventure.

Outdoor activities: Backcountry skiing, mountaineering, canoeing, river swimming, and dog chasing. Never one to turn a trip invitation down, some favorite travel destinations have included Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, South Africa, Portugal, and forever and always, the Eastern Sierra. Next up on her travel deck are Bolivia, Mongolia and Morocco.



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Kate Rogers, Editor in Chief
Phone: x.109
To contact Kate, please view our submissions page

Joined Staff: 2006
Kate acquires and develops all the books that we publish and oversees all of our editorial and production processes.

Background: Kate's publishing career has spanned more than twenty years, including positions at Waldenbooks, Bantam Doubleday Dell, and Sasquatch Books, and as founder–principal of her own book packaging firm, Unleashed Book Development. A graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute, she also has been a part-time lecturer on editing, publishing, and general media at the University of Washington and Seattle's community colleges.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sailing, gardening.

Other: Kate loves to eat and gather friends and family around her table for delicious homemade meals. She's an avid traveler, museum goer, reader, and walker. Next on her to-go list? Bolivia, Croatia, and yet another trip to Alaska. She and her husband live in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood with their very spoiled German shepherd, Ranger.


Janet Kimball, Managing Editor
Phone: x.133
Email Janet

Joined Staff: Janet was on staff at Mountaineers Books from 1997 to 2002; she returned again for a short stint from 2007 to 2008; and, as the living embodiment of recycling, happily returned again in 2016. In her role as managing editor, she oversees the editorial process from manuscript to bound books—basically ensuring every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed, all while using a lot of sticky notes.

Background: With a BA in journalism, Janet has worked in all corners of publishing for houses both large and small, including Little, Brown, Harvard Business School Press, and Graphic Arts Center Publishing. She worked in international sales, production, publicity, sales, and marketing before returning to her first love, editorial. In between stints at Mountaineers, she worked as a freelance editor, focusing on developmental, line, and project editing.

Outdoor Activities: A fourth-generation Oregonian and lover of the Puget Sound region, Janet enjoys getting outside anywhere in the Pacific Northwest for hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, huckleberry picking, and paddleboarding.

Other: Denied the ability to keep a horse in her urban backyard, Janet instead puts her horse-crazy energies into volunteering at a therapeutic riding center. She loves to travel with her family, leaning toward any place with cobblestones and good gelato, and can often be found gardening in said urban backyard because if she can’t have a horse, she can at least have decent tomatoes.


Mary Metz, Senior Editor
Phone: x.119
Email Mary

Joined Staff: 1986
As Senior Editor, Mary oversees the editing and production of many of the books that Mountaineers Books publishes each season, meaning she works with authors, freelancers, and staff to transform sometimes rough manuscripts into beautiful and useful books (or, on occasion, card decks). She also acquires and develops titles for the "Legends and Lore" series.

Background: Much of Mary's time at Mountaineers Books has been as Rights Manager, which entails licensing foreign language editions of our books (including the many foreign-language editions of Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills) to publishers overseas, as well as acquiring North American publishing rights to books that originated elsewhere (such as titles by Joe Simpson and Reinhold Messner).

Outdoor Activities: Mary is a dabbler, easily swayed to consider almost every activity for which The Mountaineers publishes a book. She has enjoyed snowshoeing, some easy paddling, and hikes with minimal elevation gain. She spent a few hours on a stand-up paddleboard, which she adored, and yet she has not been out again. Her more long-term relationships involve her bicycle, which she uses to commute around town, and her garden, which this year led to homegrown tomatoes hanging from the attic rafters to ripen in December. Wherever she is, and however she got there, she's likely to be carrying a pair of binoculars and a camera, looking for birds.


Jen Grable, Senior Designer and Production Manager
Pnone: x. 112
Email Jen

Joined Staff: October 2013
Jen judges books by their cover, and helps to create great looking books so that people like her will pick them up and love them. She's also got a hand in e-book creation, and digging through the archives to get older books back on the shelves.

Background: After living almost everywhere else in the West, Jen finally found her way to Washington where her love for gray skies, adventure, and books all came together with a job at the Mountaineers Books. Jen has been doing graphic design for a while, and a few years ago was lucky enough to stumble into the publishing industry, which, even with all its nuttiness, feels just right.

Outdoor Activities: A lifelong camper, a half-life long skiier, and a last 3-years bike commuter. Always up for more traveling and adventurous eating. Fly fisherwoman, mountain biker, snow-shoer, hiker, half-dome climber, and occasional reluctant runner.


Laura Shauger, Editor
Phone: x. 139
Email Laura

Joined Staff: 2014
Laura acquires and manages Mountaineers Books’ how-to and where-to books and Skipstone titles through production.

Background: Raised in small towns across the South, Laura earned a B.A. in English from Newberry College and an M.A. in English lit from Georgia State University. Her publishing career has spanned more than a dozen years since she graduated from NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute, including positions at Facts On File and Wilderness Press, as well as a robust freelance editing business.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, biking, trail running, backpacking, paddling, scrambling, climbing, tidepooling, snowshoeing, gardening—but looking to learn more snow sports soon.

Other: Laura loves to cook, knit, sew, soak in the stars from her sleeping bag, forage, read a well-crafted story, practice yoga, and catch up with her family on the East Coast. She feels lucky to have the chance to grow roots in the glorious Pacific Northwest.



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Doug Canfield, Director of Marketing and Innovation
Phone: x.114
Email Doug

Joined Staff: January 2000
Doug’s job is to make sure that those who love getting outside are aware of books that will enhance their passion—whether that’s finding where to go, learning a new skill, or enjoying a thrilling adventure read. In addition to leading the publicity and marketing team, Doug is tasked with following the digital directions that content is moving in and envisioning new ways for outdoor enthusiasts to experience Mountaineers Books’ content. If it’s outdoors related—whether riding a new route through the snow back to the car or rethinking how words and ideas reach readers—adventures, he says, are good.

Background: Doug is currently enjoying his million-th year in publishing – first half in magazines and second half in books.

Outdoor Activities: Cycling, splitboarding, surfing and anything to do with dogs


Darryl Booker, Director of Sales
Phone: x.103
Email Darryl

Joined Staff: 2005

As the Director of Sales, Darryl manages all aspects of Mountaineers Books sales and fulfillment, making sure customers get the service they deserve.  He also manages Mountaineers Books foreign rights. 

Background: Born and raised in the Midwest, Darryl now calls Washington home, as the state is the ideal destination for his outdoor pursuits, and Mountaineers Books is the perfect organization for him to embrace his passion for the outdoors, his love of books, and his dedication to conservation of our wild spaces.

Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, mountain biking, snowboarding, sea kayaking, and fly-fishing. 

El Capitan

Emily Erickson, Sales Representative
Phone: x.140
Email Emily

Joined Staff: February 2015
As the sales representative, Emily is continually searching for and developing new accounts both regionally and nationally. She enjoys telling people like you about our books and getting them into your hands.

Background:  Before Emily started at Mountaineers Books, she worked as a sales assistant for an outdoor advertising company in Seattle for nearly three years. Knowing that she always wanted to work with books, she left her position and went to the Denver Publishing Institute, where she graduated with a certificate in publishing. Emily holds a B.A. in English Literature and French from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Outdoor Activities: Emily loves spending every spare minute outside. She enjoys backpacking, skiing, fishing, biking, and sailing. 

Other: A native of Anchorage, Alaska, Emily grew up flying around mountains with her dad in his float plane. Admittedly, she is afraid of turbulence, but she continues to get in the plane on her annual trip back home, knowing that it’s the only way to see the Last Frontier.  


Julie Briselden, Senior Publicist
Phone: x.138
Email Julie

Joined Staff: August 2016
Julie seeks to raise awareness for Mountaineers Books’ breadth and depth of amazing titles through PR, marketing promotions and author events.

Background: A dedicated marketeer, Julie has more than 15 years of professional experience in marketing, public relations and business development in the fields of high tech, architecture and performing arts. She studied urban ecological design and landscape architecture at the University of Washington and holds a BA in political science and communications from The University of New Hampshire.

Outdoor Activities: A lover of nature and the outdoors, Julie is an avid mountain biker, skate skier and fly fisherwoman. She also enjoys backpacking, rock-climbing, and exploring in the West.

Other: From the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and with professional time spent in Boston, Julie has lived in a remarkably broad swath of the United States and has visited many of its national parks and natural wonders. Because of Seattle’s terrific access to both mountains and ocean, she has found the Emerald City to be the ideal home. She enjoys sharing the specialness of the outdoors with her teenage son and husband.

Erika Lundahl, Sales and Marketing Department Coordinator
Email Erika

Joined Staff: 2016
Erika collaborates with authors to help them publicize their books through events and tours, earned media and partnerships, and works to find creative ways to connect readers to the outdoors through our beautiful books.

Background: Erika is an Oregon native, with a background in journalism and nonprofit events management and development. She studied writing and music in upstate New York, but happily returned to the land of tall trees, big waters, plaid shirts and massive mountains in 2013.

Outdoor Activities: Biking long distances, hiking in the wildflowers, music-makin’ on the beach...


Webster "Web" Chang, Online Content and Marketing Manager
Phone: x.142
Email Web

Joined Staff: 2013
Web manages the online "stuff" for Mountaineers Books, from the homepage, social media, newsletters, to most other things related to the Web. Yes, Web weaves a web of content on the Web. No, he's never heard of your pun-based jokes on his name before. Go on, amuse him.

Background:  Before coming to Mountaineers Books, Web spent many years at Motorola as one of their Site Editors, working on their consumer sites for digital marketing campaigns. He is also a freelance writer and editor, and began his career in publications and magazines. He has a B.A. in English, Creative Writing from the University of Western Washington, a Grant Writing certificate, and is currently studying computer programming.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, biking, motorcycle touring, foraging plants, camping, wondering whether foraged plants are poisonous, urban farming, being paranoid that the minor discomfort he is imagining are the first symptoms of a deadly poison.



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Leone Kraus, Corporate and Foundations Relations Manager
Phone: 206-223-6303 ext. 132
Email Leone

Joined staff: 2016

As Corporate and Foundation Relations Manager, Leone works with corporate and foundation partners to expand and enhance our philanthropic and partnership efforts. 

Background: Leone comes to the role with nearly fifteen years of professional experience in business development, marketing and communications from industries including creative agencies, publishing and education. Leone has experience in cultivating corporate and community partnerships that yield results and deliver on mission. Leone holds a Masters of Science in Communications and Public Relations from New York University and is a published writer.

Outdoor Activities: Snowshoeing, yoga, running, hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing and constantly wishing she would have remembered to bring binoculars.

Other: Over the past fifteen years, Leone has served as a volunteer and committee member for a number of non-profits focused on equality, diversity and social justice. Leone loves partnering with corporate and foundation partners that are interested in innovative thinking to solve problems and welcomes any and all ideas. Leone hails from Michigan but has spent the last fifteen years living in San Diego, San Francisco, Brooklyn, NY and now finds her home in Seattle. Leone loves spending time outside with her growing family.


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