Hiking the Wonderland Trail

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The reason the Wonderland trail is one of the hottest hiking attractions in the Pacific Northwest is due to its unbeatable beauty and astonishing vistas of Mt. Rainier. Tami Asars gets up-close and personal with this magnificent hike in her book, Hiking the Wonderland Trail, a must-have guide for anyone planning on hiking Mt. Rainier’s premier trail.  Since the Wonderland trail is so popular, it makes perfect sense that in order to keep the campers, wilderness and wildlife happy, a backcountry permit and reservation system should be in place for overnight wilderness camping.

Wonderland trail permits can either be reserved ahead of time or obtained the day before your hike on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re planning on hiking Mt. Rainier during the busy backpacking season, you’ll want to obtain your Wonderland trail permit via reservation instead of relying on the first-come, first-served system. The backcountry permit reservation system allows hikers to reserve 70 percent of the available wilderness camps along the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier, while the last 20 percent caters to the first-come, first-served crowd. When reserving your backcountry permit you will need to preselect the wilderness camps and plan your itinerary carefully based on your abilities, a great reason for a guidebook!

  • For this reason alone Hiking the Wonderland Trail with Tami's trip planning features, and suggested itineraries are worth the cost of the book!

Wonderland Trail
*image credit, Tami Asars

When planning your hike you want to make sure to take into consideration the weight of your pack along with the weight of your food, noting that park approved food caches will lighten your load making it easier to cover more ground. Don’t get ahead of yourself and set unrealistic goals when planning your Wonderland Trail backcountry permit; it's better to be in camp a little early, then struggling to get to your camp late at night!  Also, give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the many sights and attractions Mt. Rainier National Park has to offer.

If you’re not sure where to start, or even which direction to head on the Wonderland trail, Tami Asars offers arguments for hiking clockwise vs counterclockwise around the mountain, suggestions on campsites, tips on food caching and more in Hiking The Wonderland Trail. Tami provides itineraries for either direction you decide when hiking Mt. Rainier, which come in handy when you’re choosing which campsites to request for your backcountry permit reservation. She also provides camp-to-camp elevation gain and loss stats, along with four informative chapters describing the particulars of the Wonderland Trail as it rounds each face of Mt. Rainier.

To learn more about what to expect during your hike, Hiking the Wonderland Trail covers everything from the different terrains, possible weather conditions, and the wildlife you may encounter on the trail. Tami Asars has hiked the Wonderland Trail countless times and offers her expert advice on how to comfortably pack, plan, and complete your trip around the base of the beautiful Mt. Rainier.  

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