Backcountry Cooking

Backcountry Cooking

From Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes

Author: Dorcas Miller
By author: Dorcas Miller

176 Pages, 978-0-89886-551-6
Mountaineers Books 05/31/1998
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* Tasty, easy recipes from the editors of Backpacker magazine and other outdoor experts
* Fast, fuel-efficient meals in 10 minutes
* 144 recipes

Even backpackers who swear by mac 'n' cheese in the backcountry will admit to drooling when a companion whips out an evening meal of Thai veggie noodles, and coconut-mango rice pudding for dessert. Even so, they'll protest that such great trail food is too complicated to prepare.

Well, no more. Backcountry Cooking simplifies backcountry food preparation and shows hikers how to eat well while packing light. It offers fast, easy recipes from Backpacker magazine editors and contributors, outfitters, backpacking food suppliers, and trail veterans. With a smorgasbord of information, Miller covers the basics about ingredients, fast food and fuel efficiency, dehydrating, and backcountry baking. Most of the 144 recipes take only 10 minutes to prepare on the trail. With a little extra preparation at home and this compendium of expert advice, even the most minimalist hiker will find it easy to eat like royalty in the backcountry.

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