Beluga Days

Beluga Days

Tracking the Endangered White Whale

By author: Nancy Lord
272 Pages, 978-1-59485-001-1
Mountaineers Books 02/12/2007
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* In 2008, the Belugas whales of Cook Inlet, Alaska, were added to the Endangered Species list after a long struggle
* Part personal journey, part exposé of the challenges faced by this fascinating species
* Features a preface from author Nancy Lord, well-known and respected natural history writer

Beluga Days is a wonderful evocation of the wilderness of coastal Alaska and the Native communities that still eat whale meat and depend on local foods. It is also a foray into the fascinating labyrinth of Alaskan culture, history, and politics, as the complex relationships in this unique state coalesce in a mad theater around a crisis-the decline of the beluga whales in Cook Inlet, an isolated and genetically distinct population.

Beyond its compelling characters and particulars, Lord's story offers readers a deeper understanding of the often uncomfortable, often rewarding, juxtaposition of humans and the natural world.

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