Bugaboo Rock: A Climbing Guide, 2nd Edition

Bugaboo Rock: A Climbing Guide, 2nd Edition

By authors: Joe Bensen, Randall Green
192 Pages, 978-0-89886-795-4
Mountaineers Books 05/6/2003
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* Bugaboos climbing routes for novice to master climbers
* Authors have selected the best 200 routes in Canada's Bugs
* Detailed permit information, as well as 65 photos with 21 route overlays and 61 topos.

For Canadian climbing, no group of peaks provides more variety of exposures, routes, or range of difficulty than the Bugaboos, located in the Purcell wilderness area of British Columbia. A terrific assortment of climbs to the tops of the Bugaboo spires offers unsurpassed magnificence-an encapsulated granite paradise, shut off from the rest of the world by range upon range of outlying peaks.

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