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Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. 3: Rainy Pass to Fraser River - ebook

Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. 3: Rainy Pass to Fraser River - ebook

Climbing & High Routes, 3rd Edition

Author: Fred Beckey
Mountaineers Books 12/15/2008
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* Cascades climbing routes -- the guidebooks relied on for more than 25 years
* Northwest climbing legend Fred Beckey has summited and explored hundreds of Cascade peaks
* Handdraw maps and photos with route overlays, as well as approach information

Hikers, scramblers, serious climbers and Northwest rescue organizations, alike, have relied on Fred Beckey's Cascade Alpine Guides for decades to lead them through this wild mountain range. In addition to their comprehensiveness, the books provide a rare combination of aerial photos with route overlays, three-dimensional illustrated maps, and climbing topos.

The section of the North Cascades covered in this volume is roughly a pie-shaped area in the northern section of the range, stretching from the Lake Chelan area up into Canada and west to Bellingham. Except for glaciers and some year-round snow fields, it's mostly dry, lonesome, open country, with beautiful granite spires jutting to the sky.

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