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Chicago to New York City Bicycle Route, #2

Chicago to New York City Bicycle Route, #2

Indianapolis, Indiana– Zanesville, Ohio (275 Miles)

By author: Adventure Cycling Association
2 Pages, 978-0-935108-98-9
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• Route connects major cities between Chicago and New York City
• Numerous rail trails and separated paths are used on the route
• With the addition of Bicycle Route 66, this route completes a cross-country link from Los Angeles to New York City

#2 INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – ZANESVILLE, OHIO (275 MILES). From Indianapolis into central Ohio the terrain remains flat. The route uses numerous paths and rail trails connected by rural roads. Between Dayton and Columbus the Mad River Bikeway, the Creekside Trail, and the Ohio to Erie Trail provide almost continuous off-road riding. From Columbus eastward the terrain becomes rolling and you will encounter more forested land.

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