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Climbing California's Fourteeners

Climbing California's Fourteeners

183 Routes to the Fifteen Highest Peaks

By authors: Cameron Burns, Steven Porcella
272 Pages, 978-0-89886-555-4
Mountaineers Books 03/31/1998
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Paperback / softback
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* Comprehensive California climbing guidebook to the fourteeners -- from walk-ups to screamers
* Includes general history of the mountains and historical anecdotes about the routes

California's 14,000-foot peaks are altogether different from those in Colorado or Washington. In most cases they are steep, sheer-walled spires found in remote, pristine wilderness areas.

Porcella and Burns have spent years climbing many of the listed routes and have extensively researched all others to create the only route guide that includes several options for each fourteener. Each mountain description includes access, history, and details such as difficulty ratings and gear recommendations. Specific route descriptions, ranging from the easiest to highly technical, are illustrated with photos with route overlays. An informative introduction includes permit information, search and rescue resources, and a discussion of wilderness ethics.

CORRECTION: There are corrections on page 63 in the second paragraph and in the first seven lines of the third paragraph. Downloadable them by clicking here.

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