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Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness

Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness

Functional Exercise & Nutrition for Every Body, 2nd Edition

By authors: Mark Pierce, A.T.C., David Musnick, M.D.
368 Pages, 978-0-89886-756-5
Mountaineers Books 10/28/2004
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* Just look up your sport and find the list of exercises that will prepare you to excell
* Exercises are explained and illustrated
* Includes chapters on improving balance, strengthening the lower back, preventing back injuries, and rehab advice for specific injuries
* Also provides an exercise calendar and chart that you can take to the gym

Learn key aerobic and strength training concepts to design and improve your exercise program with Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness, 2nd Ed.. Written by a team of sports fitness experts, this book explores how each region of the body works and describes convention and functional exercises to improve your fitness and activity performance.

Includes tips for everything from exercising with tendonitis to footwear and orthotics. People of all fitness levels will find something to help them get stronger and enjoy outdoor activites to the fullest.

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