Crags, Eddies & Riprap

Crags, Eddies & Riprap

The Sound Country Memoir of Wolf Bauer

By authors: Wolf Bauer, Lynn Hyde
272 Pages, 978-0-61533-353-3
Mountaineers Books 03/1/2010
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Paperback / softback
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* Follow a life that never sat still in pursuit of either physical adventures or intellectual discovery
* Bauer helped created cirriculum for climbing instruction that has been used by millions of climbers
* Pioneered methods for coastal protection

Wolf Bauer is the godfather of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest -- pioneering climbing instruction and safety, developing kayaking instruction and coastal conservation, and founding organizations to foster enjoyment and preservation of the outdoors.

Bauer was a whirlwind of outdoor pursuits that inspired some of America's greatest climbers. And as an engineer, he developed methods for preserving coastlines that have been adversely impacted by human development. Moss did not grow under this man's feet. He was one of those unsung Amercan heroes who moved ahead each day to make a difference and, in his hurry, ended up creating a legacy of accomplishment that many of us now lean on today.

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