Crevasse Rescue Pocket Guide

Crevasse Rescue Pocket Guide

A Field Reference

By author: Mountaineers Books
16 Pages, 978-1-68051-017-1
Mountaineers Books 07/22/2016
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• Step-by-step instructions for crevasse rescue in a convenient, portable package
• Durable enough to fit in your pack and survive extreme weather
• Valuable tips and reminders for safe travel on glaciers in a user-friendly format

Crevasse rescue is one of the most technically complex skills a mountaineer will ever need to learn; it is also one of the most essential. While climbers can go for years without having to set up a Z-pulley system, they need to be ready for that one crucial moment when it is essential.

The Crevasse Rescue Pocket Guide allows glacier climbing parties to have a rugged, packable resource to reference in the field. Climbers can pull it out on their way to the climb, at a pre-glacier break on the route, or for a few minutes at night in the tent—it's a convenient, step-by-step refresher to look at on trips where this knowledge may be needed.

Similar to Mountaineers Books' successful Avalanche Pocket Guide, the new Crevasse Rescue Pocket Guide is a full-color, 16-panel laminated and folded card for in-the-field reference. Alpine climbers will keep the guide in their crevasse rescue kit when traveling on glaciers. Not a substitute for training and practice, it's a handy, lightweight reminder and reference tool that helps rope mates and rescuers implement rescue techniques efficiently and correctly in a highly stressful situation.

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