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Day Hiking South Cascades

Day Hiking South Cascades

Author: Dan Nelson
Photographer: Alan Bauer

384 Pages, 978-1-59485-045-5
Mountaineers Books 05/8/2007
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CLICK HERE to download the 8 mile round trip hike called "Tatoosh Ridge" as well as the easy 4 mile hike called "Crofton Butte" from Day Hiking South Cascades

 * More than 100 day hikes, with options for linking them to longer routes
* Compact, easy-carry size
* Two color maps, charts and elevation profiles

This handsome guide is full of charts and easy-to-find information that will help you quickly select your ideal hike. And once you're on the trail, you'll enjoy the sidebars on flora and fauna, and historical highlights that accompany many of the routes.

There is a full-color front map and then two-color section maps, along with clear driving directions to the trail head, options for nearby camping, ratings for trail difficulty and photos of what you'll see on your hike. Hikes are typically less than 12 miles round trip. The Day Hiking series guidebooks are the most comprehensive and attractive trail guides available for Washington state.

eRoute (PDF)
Goat Lake-Jordan Basin Hike (PDF):
***** / 5 difficulty. Near Packwood, WA. Vast wildflower fields, stunning panoramas, solitude, alpine lakes. 12 miles.
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eRoute (PDF)
Hardy & Randy Falls Hike (PDF):
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eRoute (PDF)
Juniper Ridge Hike (PDF):
***** / 4 difficulty. Near Randal, WA. Ridge top meadows, with sweeping South Cascade peak views. On a clear day see all the way to Mt. Hood. 6-14 mile options.
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eRoute (PDF)
Quartz Creek Hike (PDF):
*** / 3 difficulty. Near Cougar, WA. Meandering hike along the rugged, swift mountain river, teaming with trout, old growth forest. 8 miles.
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eRoute (PDF)
Sand Lake Hike (PDF):
*** / 2 difficulty. Near White Pass Campground. Perfect hike for introducing children to the PCT. Easy hike, great scenery, huckleberries, and ends at a lake for relaxation and swimming. 6 miles.
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