Don't Get Sick

Don't Get Sick

The Hidden Dangers of Camping and Hiking

By authors: Rick Bennett, Buck Tilton
112 Pages, 978-0-89886-854-8
Mountaineers Books 02/26/2002
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* Teaches campers and hikers how to avoid backcountry illness and even death due to food-borne diseases, sanitation problems, polluted water sources, and more
* Handy pocket-sized guide gives practical, even humorous, information on camp cleanliness, waste disposal, water treatment, and germ prevention, with helpful appendices and charts

Nothing soothes the soul like a great escape into the wilderness for a hiking or camping adventure, but what about your physical health? Without the proper awareness of the protozoa and parasites that await you, outdoor adventures can quickly become a nightmare of viruses and infections. Add animal-borne diseases like tick fever rabies, and trichinosis and many would-be adventurers might never leave their homes...unless, of course, they have this book.

This valuable resources describes food- and waterborne diseases and explains how to prevent them; how to keep a clean camp; how to choose the best water filter; how to select, manage, handle, and prepare foods; how to dispose of human waste and solid waste; and how to use the Leave-No-Trace ethics of backcountry living and travel.

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