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Extreme Alpinism

Extreme Alpinism

Climbing Light, High, and Fast

By author: Mark Twight   By photographer: James Martin
240 Pages, 978-0-89886-654-4
Mountaineers Books 08/31/1999
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* The book that launched a renaissance in climbing technique and remains relevant today
* Techniques and mental skills needed to climb at a more challenging level
* Illustrated with full-color photos throughout

Big, high routes at the edge of a climber's ability are not the places for inventing technique or relying on old habits. Complacency can lead to fatal errors. So where does the hard-core aspirant or dreamer turn? The only master class in print, Extreme Alpinism delivers an expert dose of reality and practical techniques for advanced climbers.

Focusing on how top alpine climbers approach the world's most difficult routes, Twight centers his instruction on the ethos of climbing the hardest routes with the least amount of gear and the most speed. Throughout, Twight makes it clear that the two things he refuses to compromise are safety and his climbing ethics. In addition to the extensive chapters on advanced techniques and skills, Twight also discusses mental preparedness and attitude; strength and cardiovascular training; good nutrition; and tips on equipment and clothing.

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