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Fit By Nature

Fit By Nature

The AdventX Twelve-Week Outdoor Fitness Program

By author: John Colver   With: Mary Nicole Nazzaro
256 Pages, 978-1-59485-353-1
Mountaineers Books 03/17/2011
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Check out author John Colver's 8 tips to create your own outdoor workout plan.

* Detailed 12-week program applicable for all levels of fitness
* No gym or equipment needed to participate——just access to the outdoors
* Measurable milestones and easy-to-follow fitness routines to keep you on track
* Written by award-winning fitness coach and mountain guide John Colver

Forget the gym. Go outside, and not only will you get in the best shape of your life, but you might even enjoy the experience.

That's exactly what John Colver, the award-winning founder of Seattle-based training company AdventX, has been teaching for nearly a decade. In Fit by Nature, he lays out his flagship 12-week outdoor training program——a regimen that requires nothing more than outdoor space and a little inspiration.

Starting with seasonal advice, the “Daily Dozen,” his “Challenge by Choice” philosophy, and details on how to utilize the outdoors, John leads you into his exercise and lifestyle program. He also covers fitness basics such as nutrition, injury prevention, goal-setting, and gear lists. With weekly charts and day-by-day descriptions, this book will push you to a new fitness level, whether you run up your neighborhood stairs, jump over logs on a nearby trail, swim laps at your local aquatic park, or simply do stretches in your own backyard. Featured sections include a compendium of all core exercises, sport-specific circuit training, and an AdventX On-Target Fitness Evaluation.

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