Flatiron Classics

Flatiron Classics

Easy Rock Climbs Above Boulder, 2nd Edition

By author: Gerry Roach
272 Pages, 978-0-9799663-2-3
Colorado Mountain Club 06/25/2008
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Paperback / softback
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* Quality, color climbing guidebook for classic Flatiron routes
* Most routes are 5.6 or easier
* Published by the Colorado Mountaineers Club and full of local knowledgeBR>
Soaring up from the Boulder foothills, the Flatirons are famous for moderate climbing; they are not only a great training ground for more difficult climbs, but more importantly, Flatiron routes are simply fun.

Join Gerry Roach in exploring this vast array of sandstone slabs that host a colorful universe of clefts, corners, cracks, chimneys, caves, overhangs, faces, grottos, alcoves, notches, ridges, and summits. There are over 250 routes on 110 rocks, and the majority of them are rated 5.6 or easier.

Originally published 20 years ago and long out of print, Colorado Mountain Club Press completely updated this edition of Flatiron Classics, including seasonal conservation closures and some re-evaluations of route difficulty.

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