Fresh Pantry: Winter Squash (eShort)

Fresh Pantry: Winter Squash (eShort)

Eat Seasonally, Cook Smart, & Learn to Love Your Squash

Author: Amy Pennington   By author: Amy Pennington
32 Pages, 978-1-59485-805-5
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Amy Pennington's award-winning book, Urban Pantry, introduced clever cooking concepts and ingredients, provided organizational inspiration, and helped home cooks of all skill levels create sustainable and thrifty kitchens. But its approach and ingredients reflect shelf-stable, dried, or preserved goods. For anyone trying to eat a seasonal diet, fresh vegetables and fruits are pantry musts as well. The new Fresh Pantry series of eShorts picks up where Urban Pantry leaves off—by continuing the conversation about healthy, sustainable foods and how eating locally and seasonally embraces gardening and outdoor living.

This series of chapter-length ebooks introduces readers to the freshest seasonal ingredients—one basic vegetable or fruit, one month at a time—that can efficiently supplement the canned and dried foods in your pantry.

Fresh Pantry: Winter Squash kicks off the 12-month series by featuring fun and inspired recipes for winter squash that will liven up your kitchen, without boring your palate or relying on processed foods.  Fresh Pantry: Winter Squash features 15 creative yet easy recipes spanning every meal of the day, including:

* Crispy Squash Croquettes
* Harissa-Roasted Squash
* Squash & Shrimp Dumplings
* Chocolate Squash Tart
* And more!

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"Full of clever recipes for using your kitchen to the max…[Amy Pennington] teaches a kitchen economy for today's urbanite—from how to stock the pantry, to what to plant when, to how to can and preserve a variety of foods for the winter months." — Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop Newsletter,

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