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Geology of the North Cascades

Geology of the North Cascades

A Mountain Mosiac

By authors: Rowland Tabor, Ralph Haugerud
144 Pages, 978-0-89886-623-0
Mountaineers Books 05/31/1999
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* Explains the geologic natural history of the North Cascades
* Appeals to hikers who are fascinated by the region, as well as amateur geologists
* Authors are both geologists with the US Geological Survey

Composed of everything from volcanic island arcs and deep ocean sediments, to parts of old continents and even pieces of the deep subcrustal mantle of the earth, Washington's North Cascade region is a true geologic mosaic. Here, authors Tabor and Haugerud reveal that the spectacular scenery of these mountains is matched by equally spectacular geology.

Beginning with a summary of the geologic history of the North Cascades, the first section also offers the novice a primer on geologic terms and processes. The second section covers more than 150 accessible sites of geologic interest, arranged by reference to the rivers and streams of the range. Many new ideas about the rocks and geologic processes in the North Cascades are introduced, making this a must-read for those studying the region.

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