Leadership the Outward Bound Way (hardback)

Leadership the Outward Bound Way (hardback)

Becoming a Better Leader in the Workplace, in the Wilderness, and in Your Community

Foreword by: Jimmy Carter   Contributions bys: John Raynolds, Mark Gerzon, Caroline Blair-Smith, Bob Gordon, Jim Garrett   Edited bys: Rob Chatfield, Lewis Glenn
384 Pages, 978-1-59485-033-2
Mountaineers Books 09/27/2007
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CLICK HERE to download two excerpts, "Managing Change in the Workplace" and "Uniting Your Team" from Leadership the Outward Bound Way

* Teaches the basic principles that Outward Bound uses to nurture leadership in thousands of program participants in the United States each year
* Shows how those same principles apply in everyday contexts, from a backpacking trip through the mountains to a strategy meeting in the boardroom
* Challenges and inspires you to apply these principles of good leadership through thought-provoking case-study exercises, based on real-life situations

Outward Bound has been teaching leadership internationally for more than sixty years. In the United States alone, some 700,000 people have learned life-changing, transferable leadership skills and strategies through Outward Bound experiences.

You don't need to summit a mountain to learn these invaluable skills. Now anyone can benefit from Outward Bound USA's collective wisdom and experience, as articulated by its top leadership experts. Leadership the Outward Bound Way introduces readers to the fundamentals of good leadership: communicating effectively, building trust, building teams, overcoming fear, taking risks, and making decisions. The book explores how these leadership basics can be applied in different areas of life-in outdoor travel and recreation, in the office or the boardroom, and in community work or volunteerism.

The text is punctuated by accounts of real-life events during Outward Bound programs, call-outs of key points and helpful tips and case-study exercises. This leadership approach is based on a teaching method developed at the Harvard Business School that challenges and informs readers about how to respond to real-life leadership situations.

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