Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

Staying Safe Under Stormy Skies

By author: Jeff Renner
144 Pages, 978-0-89886-788-6
Mountaineers Books 03/13/2002
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* Practical safety strategies for everyone who recreates or works outdoors
* A quick, highly-informative read with interesting anecdotes, myths, and lore about lightning
* Written by award-winning author and meteorologist Jeff Renner

Discover the risks of thunder, thunderstorm winds, lightning, and flashfloods. Lightning Strikes reviews how thunderstorms form, explains the different types of storms, and provides a guide for staying safe using the four A's (Anticipate, Assess, Act, and Aid). Interwoven throughout the text are thought-provoking questions to help readers assess dangerous situations and form strategies to make sound decisions.

Lightning Strikes livens its safety advice with often-humorous lore dating back to ancient Greece. This useful how-to book will appeal to anyone who spends time outdoors -- hikers, climbers, golfers, construction workers -- and has felt threatened by lightning.

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