Mac's Pocket Guide: Southwest Cacti, Trees, & Shrubs

Mac's Pocket Guide: Southwest Cacti, Trees, & Shrubs

Illustrated bys: Stephen R. Whitney, Elizabeth Briars
2 Pages, 978-1-59485-016-5
Mountaineers Books 10/25/2006
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Folded laminate
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* Durable, inexpensive, fun to use nature identification guide
* Great for families, hikers, and backyard birders
* Folds to fit in a jacket or pants pocket

Can you tell the difference between a pineapple cactus, living rock cactus, and a sea urchin cactus? What about a diamond, cane, or staghorn cholla? You'll discover these answers and so much more about cacti, trees, and shrubs of the Southwest desert.

This field guide for cacti, shrubs, and trees is a fun, easy way to learn the different types of cacti and dry-environment shrubs and trees native to the Southwest. Bring it along on outdoor adventures. This tough, lightweight laminated card can take abuse and is waterproof. Mac's Pocket Guides are the perfect plant identification tool for the amateur naturalist, covering a wide variety of subjects and regions in North America.

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