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Marine Weather Pocket Guide

Marine Weather Pocket Guide

A Field Reference

By author: Jeff Renner
Mountaineers Books 07/12/2017
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Mountain and marine adventurers have one thing in common—they can’t just step inside their homes when the weather suddenly turns on them.

If they understand the signs nature provides, however, they can prepare for weather downturns and find refuge before the situation becomes serious. These two pocket guides are designed to give hikers, backpackers, climbers, skiers, paddlers, boaters, and sailors a quick reference that will help them make smart decisions regarding their exposure. Both of the guides are by renowned weather expert and forecaster Jeff Renner, a life-long outdoorsman.

Like Mountaineers Books’ other pocket guides, these weather guides are not intended as substitutes for hands-on training, but as practical in-the-field reminders and reference tools that help people understand and read their environment. Pocket guide features include:

• Tips for reading clouds, winds, wave action, and fronts
• What to do as air pressure changes
• Guidelines for assessing storm hazards
• Hurricane, cyclone, and tsunami advice
• Water safety basics

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