Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide, 2nd Edition

Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide, 2nd Edition

By author: Mike Gauthier
256 Pages, 978-0-89886-956-9
Mountaineers Books 03/16/2005
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* 41 principal routes and their variations, with aerial photos and route overlays
* Extensive material on Rainier's unique weather, terrain, high altitude and glacier training opportunities, and more
* Features sidebars on mountain history, Rainier personalities, and dramatic rescues

One of author Mike Gauthier's primary duties as Lead Climbing Ranger for Mount Rainier National Park was advising climbing parties about what to expect on the mountain. Name any route on Rainier, and he can describe its rewards and specific challenges (he's summited Rainier more than 170 times during all seasons and under intense conditions). Whether you choose the classic Liberty Ridge route, the drama of Success Cleaver, or the rarely attempted Mowich Face, Gauthier provides all the details you'll need for a successful and enjoyable climb.

This edition presents the information on logistics, regulations, and permits. It includes expanded material on understanding and surmounting Rainier's famed glaciers; tips on selecting a guide service; excellent mountaineering training sites around Rainier for those bound for the world's highest peaks; and bonus routes on adjacent Little Tahoma, Washington's third highest peak.

Emmons/Winthrop Glaciers (PDF):
The Emmons/Winthrop Glaciers route is Mount Rainier’s least technical climb, with an approach through old-growth forest and subalpine and alpine terrain. Once on the mountain, the climb requires good glacier navigation skills as teams weave in and around immense crevasses. 1 Route, 2 Pages
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Ingraham Glacier Direct (PDF):
These routes, the most popular on Mount Rainier, begin where teams leave Camp Muir and cross the Cowlitz Glacier to Cathedral Rocks, and then move onto the Ingraham Glacier. Teams ascend the steeper sections of the Ingraham Glacier or Disappointment Cleaver to access the upper mountain. 1 Route, 3 Pages.
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Little Tahoma (PDF):
At 11,138 feet, Little Tahoma weighs in as Washington State’s third-highest summit. From Mount Rainier, Little T stands as an impressive sentinel of rock that divides the glaciers of Emmons and Ingraham. 2 Routes, 3 Pages
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