Olympic Mountains: A Climbing Guide, 4th Edition

Olympic Mountains: A Climbing Guide, 4th Edition

By author: Olympic Mountain Rescue
352 Pages, 978-0-89886-206-5
Mountaineers Books 03/23/2006
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* Includes Alpine Rock, Crags and Sport Routes, and Bouldering sections
* Historical and biographical anecdotes
* GPS waypoints added for key route descriptions

From the hard basalt lava peaks of Constance and The Brothers, to the high-angle faces of The Needles and Sawtooth Ridge, to the sandstone and vast glaciers of Mount Olympus, and hundreds of other mountains large and small. Olympic Mountains: A Climbing Guide is the definitive climbing guide authored by Olympic Mountain Rescue (OMR), a group of volunteers dedicated to saving lives for the last 50 years through search, rescue, and mountain safety education. In preparing this new edition, OMR drew not only on their own extensive experience throughout the range, but also on the knowledge of the National Park and Forest Services and other organizations and climbers.

This edition includes an Alpine Rock section featuring classic climbs, a Crags and Sport Routes section revealing several rock climbing challenges within a short walk from roads, plus great bouldering locations. In addition, there are route descriptions for "High Alpine Traverses" including refined Bailey Range data; traverse legs have also been added.
Mount Washington (PDF):
This peak, the highest point above Lake Cushman, is popular because of easy access and a variety of good rock routes. In years of heavy snowfall, the steep slopes are prone to avalanches; early climbs should be undertaken with caution. 1 Route, 2 Pages.
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