Outward Bound USA

Outward Bound USA

Crew Not Passengers

By authors: Joshua Minor, Joe Boldt
425 Pages, 978-0-89886-830-2
Mountaineers Books 11/6/2002
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Outward Bound is well-known for its courses in outdoor learning but few people understand the philosophy behind these programs. This book explains how Outward Bound USA founder Joshua T. Minor came to understand the teachings of Kurt Hahn -- considered a progressive educator in World War II Europe -- and shows how the foundation of growing through experiencing the unfamiliar, the difficult and the adventurous, has created a company that has grown to embrace five separate wilderness schools, two urban centers, and several other sites in the United States.

Outward Bound programs can be found in the Peace corps training program, schools across the country, activities in colleges, programs in disadvantaged communities, and juvenile delinquency programs. An Outward Bound course includes: Wilderness Skills Training; Expeditionary Learning; Working in Small Groups; Environmental Stewardship; Solo experiences; High-Performance Team Dynamics; and Service. Ooutward Bound has developed many of their courses for use in public schools and have a thriving program. They also have Outward Bound Professional programs to create positive and lasting change in the workplace by improving individual group and organizational effectiveness.

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