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Selected Climbs in the Cascades Vol 1, 2nd Edition

Selected Climbs in the Cascades Vol 1, 2nd Edition

Author: Jim Nelson
Edited by: Peter Potterfield

320 Pages, 978-0-89886-767-1
Mountaineers Books 04/15/2003
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For ambitious newbies and hardcore climbers alike, this revised guide includes 12 new climbs in the Cascades.

* Details more than 75 of the most popular climbs in the Cascades
* Two hundred black and white photographs, half with route overlays
* Thirty maps

Fun and challenging, this edition contains a mix of walk-ups, snow climbs, scrambles, wilderness alpine routes, hard rock climbs, ice climbs, and strenuous mixed climbs. The idea of a qualitative climbing guide-one that rates climbs by appeal, not by difficulty or type of climbing, was new to the Cascades when Selected Climbs in the Cascades was first published, and climbers loved it.
South Early Winters Spire (PDF):
The highest peak in the Liberty Bell group, combining ease of approach, a long season, and a variety of interesting climbing. 3 Routes, 5 Pages.
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Ingalls Peak (PDF):
Grade II. 4-8 hours one-way, car-to-summit. This sunny, south-facing ridge rises above a lunarlike basin of weird red rock. 1 Route, 4 pages
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