Sherman Exposed

Sherman Exposed

Slightly Censored Climbing Stories

By author: John Sherman
238 Pages, 978-0-89886-852-4
Mountaineers Books 10/12/2001
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* Both brilliant and funny, John Sherman has a loyal following
* Features the best of Climbing magazine's Verm's World
* Insightful and often irreverent profiles of some of North America's best climbers

Outrageous, talented, and a force to be reckoned with, John Sherman is always willing to spout an opinion that's sure to raise eyebrows. This rowdy collection of biting satire, parody profiles, barely restrained rants, and genuine reflections on climbing's unsung heroes is no different.

Blending his juiciest Verm's World columns from Climbing magazine with previously unpublished (or, perhaps, unpublishable?) stories, Sherman pulls no punches, even on himself. From his college exploits in buildering on the Berkeley campus, to his quest for the Fab 50, to his years as a nomadic boulderer, Sherman shares the best, and the worst, he has found in the people and places he encountered along the way.

Climbers will discover valuable excuse-making techniques in The Dog Ate My Belay Plate; they will aspire to the very un-PC All Vermin Team; and they will challenge themselves with The Verm's World History Aptitude Test. Who could ask for more?

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