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The Don't Freeze Out There Deck

The Don't Freeze Out There Deck

Winter Survival in the Palm of Your Hand

Mountaineers Books 08/21/2013
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Stuck in the tent during a winter storm? Deal with it by dealing these cards for a good game — and for survival!

* Life saving tips in the palm of your hand
* A follow up to the bestselling card decks: The Don’t Die Out There! Deck, The Don’t Drown Out There! Deck, and the Freedom of the Hills Deck

The Don’t Freeze Out There! Deck shares essential tips and skills for winter outdoor survival in an entertaining deck of functional playing cards printed on water-resistant card stock.

Tips are organized by suit:

* Hearts — Staying warm and dry with shelters (snow caves and igloos) and gear (layering, clothing)
* Clubs —Cold-related illness and injury prevention and treatment (hypothermia, frostbite, snow blindness)
* Spades —Avalanche safety and survival (gear, tools)
* Diamonds —Snow travel (glacier facts, types of snow, techniques, hazards)


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