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The Healthy Knees Book

The Healthy Knees Book

A Guide to Whole Healing for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Other Active People

By authors: Dr. Astrid Pujari, Nancy Schatz Alton
192 Pages, 978-1-59485-013-4
Mountaineers Books 04/27/2010
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Paperback / softback
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* Embraces the best from both Western and Eastern medical traditions and safely integrates them into a holistic treatment plan
* Features more than 50 simple stretches and conditioning exercises
* Includes nutritional and botanical remedies for injury prevention

The Healthy Knees Book details the structure and function of the knee and explains its common injuries and chronic pains. With her holistic approach to healing, Dr. Pujari examines how the whole mind and body can promote balance and healing in your hard-working knees, while co-author Alton culls information from medical specialists, physical therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, nutritionists, and herbalists.

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