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Trekking Tibet

Trekking Tibet

A Traveler's Guide, 3rd Edition

By author: Gary McCue
416 Pages, 978-1-59485-266-4
Mountaineers Books 10/8/2010
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* Thoroughly revised and updated new edition
* Features one of the most detailed histories of Tibetan culture and geography available for travelers
* Includes a new trekking route over a glaciated 19,300-foot pass used by H einrich H arrer, author of Seven Years in Tibet

In the new edition of this indispensible trekking guide to Tibet, travelers will learn the necessities of pre-trip planning and how to seek out the most rewarding treks in a region of the world few get to visit. New features of the 3rd edition include:

> Expanded section on East Tibet
> New five-day trek in the popular Lhasa region of the pilgrimage circuit of Lhamo Latsho
> New trek route over a pass used by G eorge Mallory in 1921 on his first reconnaissance of Everest
> New two-day trek in the Shishapangma region
> Four new treks in the Mount Kailash region

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