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Ways to the Sky

Ways to the Sky

A Historical Guide to North American Mountaineering

By author: Andy Selters
352 Pages, 978-0-930410-83-4
American Alpine Club 06/2/2004
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* The first book in more than 25 years to update North American climbing history
* 365 photos (28 with route overlays), 47 featured routes, 12 maps and 8 illustrations
* Information about climbing routes that played significant roles in the development of mountaineering in the US, Canada and Mexico
* Forewords by world-renowned alpinists Barry Blanchard and Peter Croft

Ways to the Sky charts the evolution of alpine climbing in the United States, Canada and Mexico from unrecorded ascents by native people centuries ago to the cutting-edge climbs of today. Rejecting a purely chronological timeline, this meticulously researched book shows the evolution of climbing style from early ascents by the easiest routes, through heavily supported expeditionary climbs, to the light, fast alpine-style climbs of major peaks occurring now.

As with its predecessors in the historical guidebook series, Ways to the Sky combines historical narrative with copious photographs -- some previously unpublished -- and route information for more than 40 historically significant routes to create a unique collector's piece. Ways to the Sky brings the rich history of North American mountain ascents to life, highlights key personalities and climbs, then points readers to the mountains where they can experience firsthand many of these historically significant routes.

Andy Selters, a long-time mountaineer, mountain guide, photographer and cartographer, has climbed extensively in North and South America and has established new routes in Pakistan and Nepal. He is the author of The Mount Shasta Book and Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue.

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