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Questions about reading, using, and accessing your new eBook:

Can I read my eBook on a Kindle?
ONLY if the item purchased from our site is called "eBook (Kindle)" —Here is a video on explaining how to transfer your file. Our ePub and PDF ebooks can not be transfered to your Kindle but can be accessed on your Kindle Fire through the Dropbox app. Find instructions here. Additionally we sell a large number of our titles on that are Kindle ready.

Can I read my eBook on a Nook?
eBooks managed with the Adobe Digital Editions software may also be installed on popular eReaders such as the Barnes & Noble Nook. For more information about installing your eBook on your eReader, please watch this nookTalk video.

Can I read my eBook on an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch or Android smart phone?
For detailed instructions on how to get your eBook on your iOS or Andorid device, please see this page.

Can I print an eBook (and other digital rights management issues)?
Yes. Mountaineers Books places no restrictions on any eBook we sell directly that would prevent printing. Generally, if you plan to print the pages of your eBook, we recommend you purchase the PDF version as ePubs are generally not well-suited to printing.

Be aware that our PDF eBooks come with a watermark at the bottom of each page, which says that the eBook is the "property of (your name)". This watermark is as minimal a method of applying digital rights management (DRM) as there is, while still trying to assure our authors that their work won't end up on a pirate website somewhere.

Regarding DRM, please note that Mountaineers Books has no control over the DRM that other retailers apply to the books you purchase from them. If you buy eBook versions of Mountaineers Books titles from other retailers, they may come with restrictions that we're not even aware of. Be sure to read their DRM policies to know what has been applied.

Can I download my eBook onto two different computers?
Yes. If you buy your ebook directly from Mountaineers Books, yes. We place no restrictions on the files we sell directly. If you purchase your ebook from another retailer, the title may come with additional restrictions.

Is my eBook returnable/refundable?
Mountaineers Books proudly guarantees every book we publish. If you buy your ebook directly from Mountaineers Books, you may "return" your purchase for a refund or replacement at any time. You're on your honor here: if you "return" your ebook, we trust that you'll delete any copies you have stored on your computers or devices. Our purchase is 100% refundable.

Who should I contact with additional questions about Mountaineers Books eBooks?
Please send an email to: or call (800) 553-4453.

Can I order an eBook over the phone?
No, all Mountaineers Books ebooks must be purchased through our website or through another online retailer.


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ebook terms & conditions

  • Mountaineers Books' eBooks are sold for your personal, non-commercial purposes. You may not share any Mountaineers Books' eBook purchased by you by forwarding or sending it to someone else, or use it for any commercial purpose.
  • Ebooks you purchase from Mountaineers Books' website may be downloaded up to five times, and may be saved to all devices owned by you, such as a desktop PC, a notebook computer, and an ebook reader.
  • For your use only, you may copy, paste and print information from your eBook.
  • Mountaineers Books owns or licenses all intellectual property rights to and in the Mountaineers Books' eBooks, including the content in the Mountaineers Books eBooks and Mountaineers Books' trademarks. You may not use Mountaineers Books' intellectual property or trademarks in any way or for any purpose without Mountaineers Books' prior written permission.
  • Mountaineers Books makes every effort to ensure the information in its products is accurate. However, Mountaineers Books makes no guarantee of accuracy. So, if you are relying on information in a Mountaineers Books eBook, remember you do so at your own risk.
  • Mountaineers Books is not responsible for any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense suffered in connection with your use of a Mountaineers Books' eBook. Mountaineers Books' eBooks are provided 'as is' and Mountaineers Books makes no warranties or representations about the eBooks, or their content. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Mountaineers Books disclaims and excludes any implied warranty of title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all other warranties or representations of any nature.

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