Note: All eBooks sold at Mountaineers Books are DRM protected and will not work on certain eReaders. To find which eReaders are compatible with our eBooks please see our eBook FAQ page.

Types of eBooks sold at

What is a "Paperback (or Hardback) + eBook"?

This is our "combo" offer. If you choose this product option you will be able to download the PDF/ePub title right away, and you will also receive the printed book later via mail. So you can have the information immediately, as well as have the physical book for your library -- both versions for just a little more.

Where will my eBook be downloaded?

Your eBook will be downloaded to the computer you're using for the download. DO NOT DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY TO YOUR SMART PHONE. The default download location is most often either your "Downloads" folder or your desktop. If, after downloading, you can’t locate your eBook on your computer, perform a search using the name of the book.

If you still can't find the file, log into your account at Go to "My Account" and then "My eBooks" at the bottom of the page. Here you will find a link to download your file once again. If you did not create an account at checkout, find the download link in your Order Confirmation email and locate the link, "Click HERE for download."

How long will the download take?

This depends on your Internet bandwidth and the size of the ebook file. You will need a high-speed Internet connection to download most of the ebook PDFs or ePubs because they are large files -- anywhere from 4 megs to 65 megs. Most of the photo-heavy books range from 20 to 30 megs in size. Color guidebooks with lots of photos and maps can be even larger. With a high-speed Internet connection (such as a cable connection), however, even the largest book should take just a few minutes to download.

For detailed eBook FAQs including information on what devices you can and cannot read our eBooks with, click here.

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