J. R. Harris

J. R. Harris

Biography: J. Robert Harris, whom most people just call “J. R.,” is a septuagenarian—and a still active and an enthusiastic outdoorsman! He enjoys backpacking, canoeing, skiing, rock and ice climbing, and has been a licensed wilderness guide. Through the years, he has learned how to enjoy, not simply endure, the scant comforts of being totally self-sufficient for extended periods of time in isolated locations. Most of Harris’s treks and expeditions are accomplished under his own Brokenbo Wilderness Expeditions banner and, since 1987, most of them have been solo. Even today, he still plans his own trips and has never used a guide or a trekking outfitter. His most recent expeditions, in 2015, were to Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand, and the Wind River–Grand Tetons region of Wyoming. In 1993, Harris’s many expeditions got him elected into the prestigious Explorers Club, where he remains an engaged member.

J. R. is a self-proclaimed Deadhead! “Truckin’ … got my chips cashed in”

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